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This is the obligatory excrutiatingly boring personal home page. You get to hit links where you can read about my house, hobbies, opinions and even find your way to my resume! Lucky you!

You've been warned!

My resume just in case you've got a hot UNIX systems admin or IT manager opportunity for me.

During 2001-2003, I worked at a testing gig down at Sun Microsystems which had been taking me to Japan . I'm took some pictures and have put them up here for you to enjoy. I have a number of stories to tell about eating in Japan, as well as impressions of what it's like to use the Tokyo subway system. The movie "Lost in Translation" is pretty close to what it's really like to live there as a foreigner. Click here to see more.

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And then there's my opinion page . What good is it to have your own server and not have your own soapbox?

My cell phone photo gallery.

Our home is 85 years old and is never finished.

EK Eckankar

My favorite links . And no, they aren't sausages...