Information Systems Manager

Russ Button   2711 San Jose Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501
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Operating Systems: 


Software and supported apps:

Management/Training Experience:

Capital Technologies - 2 years

As the Director of Training I created the UNIX administrator training program. I managed and trained approximately 20 novice UNIX administrators, all of whom worked a job site in addition to their training work.

My UNIX Systems Admininistration Training syllabus is still on-line. The following link is from my training class on Customer Service and Problem Solving .

Xuma - 1 year

As a senior UNIX engineer for Xuma, I provided UNIX training for Xuma's operations and development staff in addition to my engineering and operations support duties.

The Brodia Group - 1/2 year

I provided UNIX instruction for Brodia's monitoring staff.

Sun Microsystems - 2 month project

As a move team leader for a major move effort to Sun's new Menlo Park Campus, I trained a team of 6 novice UNIX administrators. We moved over 300 workstations and peripherals on time and within budget.

Swing Band Leader - 15 years

I ran the Cal Alumni Big Band and later, my own ensemble, Russ Button's Swing Orchestra over a period of 15 years. I have a track record of success as an entrepreneur and business owner. I recruited, hired and fired personnel. I managed payroll, contracts, marketing and sales, as well as equipment, facilities and supplies. I was also the music director and played lead trumpet. This management experience is directly transferrable to any kind of team leading.

Information Systems Experience:

The Brodia Group - 1/2 year

I worked in support of Brodia's e-commerce production site. Projects and duties included building scripted tools, server builds and deployment, data center system installation, 24/7 production on-call support, NIS implementation and support of engineering development. I was awarded one cash bonus for performance.

Xuma - 1 year

As a senior UNIX engineer for Xuma, I was the Jumpstart architect for Xuma's automated Sun server build process. The accelerated build of Sun servers and installation of 3rd party applications (Apache, Web Logic, Oracle) was Xuma's key technological differentiator from its competitors. I was awarded two cash bonuses.

Capital Technologies - 5 years

UNIX Systems administration consultant to numerous client sites. I performed site surveys, directed corporate move projects, server installs and upgrades, installed and configured Solaris, NIS and NFS, and written scripts as needed. I was awarded three cash bonuses. The following link is a utility I wrote.

Sun Microsystems - 2 1/2 years

I supported an engineering development environment of over 500 Sun workstations and/or file servers. This included system installation/migration, desktop and server support, peripheral support (printers, modems, etc.), file system backups/restores, C shell scripting, as well as all hardware support such as swapping boards, disks, monitors, power supplies, and trouble shooting all network cable problems (thick ethernet, twisted pair). I also upgraded over 100 systems (both desktop and servers) to Solaris 2.3 from Sun O/S 4.x. I received 3 cash awards for effort and performance.

Ascent Logic Corporation - 1+ years

Responsible for all UNIX and Mac systems administration. This included 3 Sun servers, 44 Sun workstations, 2 Apollo workstations, 2 HP 9000 workstations, 2 IBM RS6000's, 2 DecStations, 25 Mac PC's, peripherals (printers, modems, etc.). Typical duties included backup/restore, software installation, user support, equipment repairs, etc.

TRW Financial Systems - 1 year

Responsible for UNIX administration activities in support of user accounts, hardware install and configuration, backups, printer support.

UniSoft Corporation - 1 year

MacIntosh and UNIX system administration.


1992     UNIX Systems Administration Certificate, UC Santa Cruz Extension
1979     MBA course work, University of Dayton
1975     B.S. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, University of California at Berkeley

Vendor Training:
Sun Performance Tuning Sendmail/DNS - Harker Systems
Sun System Administration 4.1.1 Solaris 2.x System Administration
Advanced System Administration Grep, SED, and AWK Programming
Shell Programming NIS+ Administration
Pyramid UNIX System Administration I

Chronological Job Listing

2002 Sun Microsystems - QA Test Engineer (11/01 - 4/03)
2001 The Brodia Group - Senior UNIX Systems Administrator/Trainer (1/01 - 7/01)
1999 - 2000 Xuma - Senior UNIX Systems Administrator/Trainer (11/99 - 12/00)
1994 - 99 Capital Technologies - Senior UNIX Consultant/Trainer/Manager (12/94 - 11/99)
1992 - 94 Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation - UNIX Administrator/Team Leader (8/92 - 12/94)
1991 - 92 Ascent Logic Corporation - UNIX Systems Administrator (5/91 - 7/92)
1990 - 91 TRW Financial Systems - UNIX Systems Administrator (5/90 - 3/91)
1989 - 90 UniSoft Corporation - UNIX Systems Administrator (5/89 - 5/90)
1995 - 99 Russ Button's Swing Orchestra - Owner, Manager, Musical Director (6/95 - 2/99)
1980 - 92 Cal Alumni Big Band - Founder and Manager