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I've been a practicioner of Eckankar since 1981.

The basic beliefs of Eckankar are

The whole list of basic beliefs can be found at Eckankar's web site.

Everyone's heard stories about people who have had been out of the body as the result of a near-death experience. I once had a close friend who had heart surgery in his 70's. He said that during the operation, he was watching the whole thing from a vantage point at the top of the room. He knew that he was more than just his physical body and from that time on, he had absolutely no fear of death.

Imagine if you had an experience like that for yourself and how you'd look at life differently. The spiritual exercises of Eckankar can give you that realization without having to have a near-death experience.

We do not begin by seeking to silence the mind and ego, as some do in meditation. Rather our practice starts by focusing attention upon Spirit, which may be personally perceived as either light and/or sound. There are any number of spiritual exercises to do this with, including the singing of HU, your personal word, or one of the charged words such as Aum, Sugmad, etc. Spirit is the HU. By singing HU, you sing and express Divine Love, and thus channel Spirit through you. It is from this that we say that to chant HU is to sing a love song to God.

The first goal of this practice is to move awareness from the human consciousness to that of Self, or Soul. The next goals are to move awareness to the direct realization of God nature and the need to channel Spirit back into the world through a life of love and service.

One of the great things about having your own web site is you get to opine on just about anything you want. So the links below are a collection of my opinions on a variety of topics related to spirituality and Eckankar. These opinions are my own and are not those of Eckankar.

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