Models vs. Reality

All of physics is just mathematical models that describe the behaviour of physical systems. Physics does not tell you what space, time, matter and energy are. It just describes their observed behavoir.

No physicist will tell you exactly what space or time are, let alone what energy and matter actually are. Now an engineer will tell you what something is, but the engineer is really just a technician working with rules made by theorists and really doesn't know anything more than a physicist does.

Let's go back to the nature of time. In physics, time is modeled as a mathematical construct, just like they do with the linear dimensions of length, width and depth. If you know anything about math, you know that a line is an infinite collection of points. S'matter of fact, between any two points on a line are an infinite number of points between them.

I find it interesting that while the mind cannot truly grasp the nature of infinity, it can very successfully work with it and its implications.

While it is possible for two different sets to both be infinite, it is possible for one set to be MORE infinite than the other. For instance the set of all natural numbers is infinite. The set of all points on the X-axis is infinite as well, and in fact contains the set of all natural numbers as well as all of the points BETWEEN each natural number. The set of all points between two successive natural numbers is infinite. So it is easy to see that the set of all points on the X-axis is MORE infinite than the set of natural numbers.

But let's get back to time, shall we? Sure soul exists in a succession of Nows. Each Now is like a point on a line. If each Now is something that occurs in succession, then isn't this simply a sequence of events?

Why can there not be more than one time dimension? Why can there not be alternate dimensional systems that intersect? I would like to suggest the notion that the MEST universe, which we call the physical universe, is fairly successfully (but not completely) described by the kinds of mathematcial models that physicists currently use. There continues to be major work being done on a Grand Unified Theory, linking General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology. The model is not yet complete and probably never will be totally. Any model in physics is only accepted when it can be verified experimentally, and even then, the model is still just that. A model. But if the model successfully predicts effects observed in a controlled experiment, then it is considered a good model within its limitations.

Why couldn't the Soul plane be a coordinate system as well, but not one which is limited by our simple 4 dimensional system which we use to describe the physical universe? If that were so, then Soul could readily move to any point in space-time of the physical universe, and would thus be readily described as being something which could perceive all of time at once.

Yet we repeatedly descibe Soul as an entity which exists and experiences a succession of events. Soul is sent down from the higher planes to gain experience. Soul has experiences and eventually remembers Its Home. Soul becomes a Co-Worker with the Sugmad, carrying out duties and acting as a channel. All of these things suggest a succession of events, a succession of Nows, which taken together suggest something like a dimension of time. However this time dimension is not the same time dimension as the physical plane. Furthermore it need not neccessarily be linear in nature either. Still if Soul has a succession of events which it goes through, then I feel that this is some form of time.

The point that I'm trying to make is that I feel that time and space are "Real" in so far as we are able to physically perceive them. All this stuff about them being illusion can also be true, but just from a different perspective. Why isn't Realty simply a thing relative to the point of perception?