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The russbutton.com domain is the home location for Russ and Katie Button, as well as the memorial web site for Katie's son, Karl Robinson .

If you're a visiting member of the Button clan, please drop me a line. I have an interest in our geneology. I've been able to link myself back into the line described in "The Button Families of America", which desends from Matthias Button.

Matthias is the ancestor who migrated from the village of Harrold, in Bedfordshire, England. In June 2003, we visited Harrold and found the parish church our ancestors attended, as well as the graveyard where Thomas Button, the father of Matthias, was buried in the year 1617. Point your web browser here to see the photos we took. If you are a Matthias Button descendent, then I urge you to take a trip to Harrold. It is such a beautiful place. This is where we come from!

My immediate ancestors back to great-great-grandpa Joel Button are written about on the family page.

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For those of you who are musicians AND have a sense of humour, please visit my collection of musician's jokes.

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