Levi Button - Great-grandfather

This page is dedicated to Levi Button, my great-grandfather. I know very little about Levi. All I have are these images, the dates of his birth and death, and the names of his immediate family. I wish I knew more.

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Top row: Clarence Button (in WW I uniform) Coral Button
Middle row: Myrtle Button, Levi Button, Eva Martin Button
Front row: Vera Button, Lela Button

Top row: Coral Button , Myrtle Button, Clarence Button
Front row: Levi Button, Vera Button, Lela Button , Eva Martin Button

Levi Button Family Registry

This image is only a piece of the full image. I have full, high-resolution scans of it here, but they are very large files.

To pull down the high resolution scans, click the links below while holding down the key. Please keep in mind that they are very large. If you are on a dial-up modem, they will take a very long time to download. Even on a broadband connection such as cable modem the .jpg file will take at least 3 minutes and the .tif file will take at least 23 minutes.

Levi Button jpg high resolution scan (4.9 meg)

Levi Button tif high resolution scan (39.0 meg)