Clarence Button - Grandfather

This page is dedicated to Clarence Button, my grandfather. I don't know a great deal about him as I never met him. I was born in California in 1951 and Clarence lived in Michigan. He was killed in an auto accident in 1960 during a return drive from a vacation in Florida. I have no idea why Clarence and my father were not close enough to maintain much of a relationship. My father never spoke of him or told his stories, which is one my father's greatest failings. But perhaps the notion of having a grandfather and family is all a fantasy of mine. I may never know the answer.

From what I know, Clarence made his living hanging wall paper and doing interior painting. I suppose he was what we now call a contractor. I was once told that he had a great sense of humour and was a kind sweet man. I know that he loved to fish, which was a good thing if you live in Michigan!

My grandmother, Eva Marie Lindsey Button Tiesing, was his first wife, by whom he had two sons, Victor Button and my father Ronald Button . I don't know a thing about why Clarence and Eva were unable to stay together. She never spoke about him or about why she left him. I will be scanning more pictures as I have time. At the moment, you can see pictures of Clarence on the page for my great-grandfather, Levi Button .

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Clarence (on left) loved to fish
Clarence (probably about 1917)
Clarence (probably about 1917)
Clarence made homes beautiful
Clarence Button's Social Security Application