Joel Button - Great-great-grandfather

I don't know a great deal about my great-great-grandfather Joel Button. What I do know is that he was born in 1821, and was the 13th of 16 children. His father was also named Joel and he passed away in 1825. He is mentioned in the "Button Families of America" as being born about 1817, but they are in error.

I have a copy of a record from Portage County, Ohio, for Joel and his siblings Alonzo and Ann Eliza, which show them as being adopted by Lyman Hunt. The record is dated March 7, 1832, and lists Alonzo (age 6), Ann Eliza (age 14) and Joel (age 11). As Joel is listed in the family registry as being born August 20, 1821, I take this as a match, and that the "Button Families of America" listing is in error.

So seeing as how we come from this line, if you're a visitor to this web site for the first time and are also from this line, send an e-mail and say, "Hello Cousin!"

The image below is a small piece of Joel's family registry. I have full, high-resolution scans of it here, but they are very large files.

To pull down the high resolution scans, click the links below while holding down the "shift" key. Please keep in mind that they are very large. If you are on a dial-up modem, they will take a very long time to download. Even on a broadband connection such as cable modem the .jpg file will take at least 3 minutes and the .tif file will take at least 23 minutes.

Joel Button jpg high resolution scan (4.9 meg)

Joel Button tif high resolution scan (39.0 meg)