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Glamorgan County, Wales.

A Norman family, originally called Le Grant, but called Button for some twelve or fourteen generations lived in Wales. There is some obscurity concerning the origin and history of the family. The origin of this line was apparently Gwien Le Grant, Duke of Saville, who married Mabel, daughter of Richard de Clare. A Thomas Le Grant, fifth generation descendant of the Duke, was the first to be called by the surname Button. Some say it was a nickname with playful reference to his small stature. He married Grissyl, the Welch heiress of Dyffryn, probably late in the thirteenth century. His son, Howell Button, who married Guenllium, daughter of Tomkin Turbenville of Tylhegston, his mother being Lucy, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Norris, knight of Penlline Castle. His descendants intermarried with the families of Gethin of Llandaff.

We find the Buttons of Dyffryn filling the office of High Sheriff of Glamorgan many times under the various Kings and Queens of England.

In 1557, James Button of Worlton, who had been an undersheriff in the reign of Henry Viii, was a High Sheriff in the reign of Philip and Mary.

In 1565 and 1589, Miles Button of Worlton, who had been under-sheriff in the reign of Philip and Mary, was High Sheriff in the reign of Elizabeth.

In 1640, Robert Button of Dyffryn was High Sheriff in the reign of Charles I.

In the reign of Charles II, Martin Button of Dyffryn was High Sheriff in 1665, and Thomas Button of Cottrell in 1668.

In the reign of Queen Anne, Thomas Button of Cottrell was High Sheriff in 1709.

Not long after this date, the male line of Buttons became extinct.

Sir Thomas Button, the Admiral, perhaps looms largest in English History and ranks as one of Glamorganshire's most famous men. He entered the Naval service in 1589 and died in April, 1634. His story was told earlier in the introduction.

Admiral Button has been commonly believed by many to be the father of Matthias Button. This is completely untrue. He was never of the area where Matthias is believed to have been born, was alive many years after the death of Thomas Button, father of Matthias. He married twice and left a large family; of these, his only sons were named Myles, William and Rice. They themselves, continued in the Naval service and are easily identified in English history.

A Barbara Button, fifth in descent from Admiral Button, inherited the Manor of Cottrell, in Glamorganshire from her parents. She never married. She possessed considerable means and was able to do much for her

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