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(Norfolk County Deeds Vol. I, page 104 - 106.) Note; Old Norfolk County became extinct in 1675 or 1676 with several other towns including Haverhill and came in to the present county of Essex.

Matthias Button Sr. of Haverhill and wife, Elizabeth, deed to John Ward, "my mansion house and all that parcel of land belonging to me on ye westward side of a brook called Morris Creek. Feb. 10, 1664." (Ibid, Vol. 2 page 23)

Matthias Button Sr. gave a trust deed to his brother-in-law, George Wheeler, for use by his wife Elizabeth Button, eighty acres of land in Haverhill, being a part of his 3d division. April 11, 1665. (Essex Co. Ct. Rec. V. 2, page 28)

Elizabeth, wife of Matthias Button, Haverhill, deeds to her son-in-law, John Kingsbury, thirty acres upland, "being part of eighty acres I had given my husband Matthias." Dec. 28, 1670. (Essex Co. Deeds, Vol. 33, page 229)

Matthias Button died at Haverhill Aug. 13, 1672 and the following court proceedings are interesting as history of the settlement of his affairs, and also showing the quaint language of the day:

Norfolk County Court.

Captain Nathaniel Saltonstall informed this court, yt Matthias Button Sr. died intestate, and yt none doth appear to this Court to seek administration to ye estate of ye sd Matthias Button. Oct. 8, 1672. (Norfolk County Records)

The Clarke of ye writts of Haverhill giving notis to ye Court yt Matthias Button died intestate, and yt none yt hee heard of did intend to take out letters of administration, the Court ordered yt ye sd' Clarke of ye writts make inquiry after ye sd estate and secure it what hee can and make report of what he shall doe on it; and of ye inventory which hee shall take to ye next Court at Salisbury, Oct. 8, 1672. Ibid.)

It is ordered yt Captain Nathaniel Saltonstall be administrator to Matthias Button's estate protempore and until yt hee deliver his account and desire his discharge. Who hath power granted unto him to pay all debts yt are cleare and without exception, and is appointed to bring in inventory at next Hampton Court, and to use all lawful means to seize ye estate and recover it into his own hands, and to attend ye orders of Court that may be made in order yt ye disposal or division of ye estate.

This Court doth declare yt ye widow Button having land made over to her as a dowrie from Matthias Button, hath no right to her portion of ye estate which otherwise by law she might have. She also in court refusing to relinquish her sd joynture or dowrie. April 29, 1673. (Ibid)

This Court doth order yt ye administrator of ye estate of Matthias Button shall improve ye sd estate according to his discretion by letting it out, or changing it to other specia, taking sufficient securities for ye preservation of it. Oct. 14, 1673. (Ibid)

Upon ye motion of ye administrator of ye estate of Matthias Button,

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