In 1864 General Sherman's march through Georgia and South Carolina left a trail of destruction 60 miles wide. Many southerners still consider him to be nothing more than an arsonist. Sherman said, "They want war? I'll show them war!"

War is a death struggle. America's civil war was a struggle for the survival of the Union. Other wars of survival include our Revolutionary war, the war of 1812 and WWII. Our very survival was at stake. Such circumstances justify horrors such as Sherman's march to the sea and the nuclear bombing of Japan. This is the real face of war.

No such circumstances have ever existed for the war on Iraq. Iraq was never a threat. Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. The 911 commission states that it was not in league with Al Qaeda even though as recently as this week Dick Cheney still has made public statements to this effect. Our president and vice-president have lied to us and continue to lie to us about Iraq. This is a lie which will cost America the lives of well over 1000 soldiers, the good will of more than half the planet, not to mention a quarter trillion dollars before it is over. Abu Ghraib will forever stain our honor.

This lie is not about a stained dress. This lie threatens the very heart and soul of America. There is very good reason to be ashamed of George Bush as our president.

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