my boys are asleep

see her enormous luscious behind like a vision of purple petal fluff
from frantic men in a lather
never falling to gorgeous death

but recall the repulsive & bitter breast moaning weakly
only to drool after her languid beauty crushed his tiny sausage

only to drive her friends tongue through a hot wax pink finger chain apparatus from above the sordid sweaty butt-less woman

you will scream at mean ugly peaches sometime by the blue lake then
swim over by the shadow ship next to an iron garden club and sing sea chantys
ripping bare skinny legs playfully like lazy puppies eat

yet rain and rust would soar as when those true licked feet produce floods
always if he could sing to please you
so as we may stare and pant after my
blood red gown as it smeared juice
like no sad drunk man has wanted

for all these easy girls manipulate power and will say he is some fast cook of raw meat or egg in place of rose milk
like none say how they felt in TV land and up near the pole

who can incubate run on language in need of one beat road trip
were she not to want me

but ask why and you heave

By e. e. russannkate

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