Letter to the Editor - S.F. Chronicle (7/6/04)


Dick Cheney has a series of secret meetings with energy industry officials early in 2001 where federal energy policy is set. Cheney still refuses to reveal what was discussed. Enron management and employees gleefully steal billions of dollars from the people of California. FERC officials refuse to intervene.

Enron goes under because of embezzlement on the part of top management. The Enron CEO, Ken Lay is the single largest contributor to the 2000 presidential campaign of GW Bush and Dick Cheney. One smoking gun revelation after another comes out on Enron's criminal theft from the people of California, yet FERC is still unwilling or unable to do anything of substance.

As of this date (7/6/04), Ken Lay is still not in jail, either for the billions of dollars he embezzled from Enron's stockholders or the billions stolen from the people of California. Now class, can you connect the dots?

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