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  Peerless Data Sheet

260 SWR
260 SWR 39 115 PPX AL 4L 8 ohm    -    Order ID: 831727

10" high powered subwoofer driver with a transient and outstanding dry, clean bass performance. A high sensibility results in very realistic sound pressures. Suitable for surround sound applications and high-end speaker systems.


260 SWR
Thiele Small parameters: Free air Common Baffled
Nominal impedance Zn (ohm)   8  
Minimum impedance/at freq. Zmin (ohm/Hz)   6.2/123  
Maximum impedance Zo (ohm)   41.9  
DC resistance Re (ohm)   5.4  
Voice coil inductance Le (mH)   3.3  
Capacitor in series with 8 ohm
(for impedance compensation)
Cc (µF)   25  
Resonance Frequency fs (Hz) 22.3   21.5
Mechanical Q factor Qms 2.62   2.73
Electrical Q factor Qes 0.38   0.40
Total Q factor Qts 0.34   0.35
F (Ratio fs/Qts) F (Hz)     62
Mechanical resistance Rms (Kg/s)   2.71  
Moving mass Mms (g) 50.8   54.8
Suspension compliance Cms (mm/N)   1.00  
Effective cone diameter D (cm)   19.9  
Effective piston area Sd (cm²)   310.0  
Equivalent volume VAS (ltrs)   136.2  
Force factor Bl (N/A)   10.0  
Reference voltage sensitivity
Re 2.83V 1m at 123 Hz (Measured)
(dB)     87.8

Magnet and voice coil parameters:
Voice coil diameter d (mm) 39
Voice coil length h (mm) 26.0
Voice coil layers n 4
Flux density in gap B (T) 0.85
Total useful flux (mWb) 1.34
Height of the gap hg (mm) 8
Diameter of magnet dm (mm) 115
Height of magnet hm (mm) 22
Weight of magnet (kg) 0.87

Power handling:
Long term Max System Power (IEC) (W) 220
Max linear SPL (rms) / by power (dB/W) 110/315

Measuring methods and conditions are stated in Peerless Standard for Acoustic Measurements (PSAM)